Croatian Supporters Thread


And the original



Jaysus, that’s fucking shit. The absolute state of them.

The attempt at a Slav soft-rock version of the Sweet Child ‘o’ Mine riff at the end is comical.


A Croatian is a citizen of Croatia, a Croat is an ethnic group


Bobby Moore and big Jack behind the athletico Madrid duo? :confused:


Astonished we’ve hung on this long. What warriors. The fatigue in the Croatian legs, and minds, is an incredible handicap against our fresh opponents.







We’ll beat those fucking surrender monkeys too. You can’t beat a proper fighting spirit





Well done Croatia and all its supporters. Superb performance from half time in normal time on. Hope you beat the ghastly abomination of a country that is France and the French in the final.



Signing in for Sunday.


Get in ta fuck!


Congrats lads.

Hope ye do it now, from your friend across the Adriatic Sea.


A tear rolled down my cheek listening to that.


I would love to be back in Zadar this evening. Flares!


Well done mate, will you treat yourself to a few stuffed peppers?




Dubrovnik is getting lively