Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Eligible to be a government minister but not COTY.
I’ll go with that. Still a cunt though.


That’s why you need to make the post a sticky.




She fiddles her expenses. She ignores her special advisor’s husband’s sex crime. Google Mayvine Gurriah. I hate the cunt.


If she is Irish or resident in Ireland then she is eligible.


What about a darling of Éireann cc @Robert_Emmet :wink:


sir Bob is on with Tubbers tomorrow night.


His prestigious COTY award will surely be a matter for discussion?


Out of interest, what should she do or say about the sexual assault and why?


I called it a couple of months ago dodgy




She sure is. Couldn’t be kept away from young Halawa who’d string her up for her sexuality.


Great call


Aodhan O’Riordan


Opportunistic, virtue signalling, social media commentarian, accusing other of being smug and middle class, whilst simultaneously being a Labour councilor from Malahide.


He must surely post here.


Bob Geldof


The 2 in a row is on!


The new pa man at thurles. He needs to chill it


Conor McGregor