Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


People from malahide are upper class mate


Upper class cunts.



What a Tipp cunt


Michael Healy Rae


Im going to nominate Gerald Kean. Went on tv and told a pack of lies about Maurice McCabe and his defense is that Martin Callunan told him the lies and he believed him bacause he was Commissioner of the guards. Shouldnt Kean have checked and double checked his “facts” before going on national tv and helping destroy a mans reputation.


Radio. I’d have him as naive to believe Callinan rather than malicious towards McCabe. The same lad thought this lady…

was with him for purely romantic reasons


Callinan is the premium cunt in this sorry tale. Mind you @thedancingbaby will be along in a minute to tell us that no member of the Gardaí would ever tell a lie and asking us, who are we going to call when our houses are broken into.


You mean he thought Ian Dempsey in drag was his wife


But Callinan is a professional cunt. Any individual that goes above Sergent grade in the guards is a professional cunt. Fact. This Gerald Keane is a self styled “celebrity solicitor” No chance to promote oneself passed up. How many fucking shows was he on…The Restaurant, Late Late, Operation Transformation, Prime Time, did he get on crimecall for that time with yer one & the jewellery?..there is probably more I cant think of.

Then goes on National TV with that profile and spreads lies about a Ordinary Decent Skin who has been absolutely fucked over by a conglomorate of other cunts. Jizz.


You make some decent points. I still think Keane is guilty of being a fucking eejit rather than a cunt.


Gerald is a sound man,


Celebrity banisteoir


Anyone know why RTE, ie You and Me, is paying out on this and not Kean himself? He did, after all, say the fucking stuff. Why is my license fee money paying for this cunts’ mustake?


Did you get your invoice for it already?


I would imagine Keane was being paid a fee . Then he is technically an RTE employee for that length of time


its disgraceful.

This cunt goes shooting his mouth off for some strange reason, like I mean, what the fuck was this whole shooting match to do with this Kean cunt, bar he himself attracting attention to feed into this whole “celebrity solicitor” persona, and when he is shown up then it costs 180,000 euro to fix it and who ends up paying it but PAYE man again. Disgrace.


From Cork is he?


Mayfield, he used to be the manager of his local football team


If you pay someone a fee you employ them?
Is my gardiner an employee of mine ?