Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Do your own effin gardening you lazy bollix


Of course not.




OK. I suspected you’d be able to fill in the blanks



Kean was always described as a “ celebrity solicitor “ in the sindo . Does this mean he is a solicitor to the celebrities OR a solicitor who is a celebrity ??


He would’ve been a solicitor to the celebs in the day, but thanks to the devil’s work of the indo he’s now a z list celeb


He would have been a contractor of sorts but definitely not an employee. I can understand why RTE paid out as the publisher of the defamatory comments, can’t understand why he got off Scott free unless he’s broke and not a mark for damages.


A staunch GAA man


One of the best ever, Mayfield GAA is rightfully proud of their celebrity to the stars and former manager


Celebrity to the stars ?


Celebrity to the stars


Yes contractor should have been the term I used.


I can see why yed be proud alright


Hugh Farrelly


Alan Quinlan


David Walsh.
The word was written for him.


What did he do now?


What he do now?


Acting like a screaming Mullally on OTB yesterday.


about what?