Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


PJ , SO and CG.


Where would @The_Selfish_Giant get the time to do his garden ffs sake. It’s huge.


He has time to tend to his ego?


Are you jealous of his ability to outsource menial tasks?




You seem to have a problem with him getting hired help in to tend to his vast gardens. Care to explain why?


I can’t really explain how things seem to you. I could speculate but what would be the point?


Thought a Seoinin like your good self would approve of such practices.


How did you arrive at that conclusion?


Just a hunch, a Sheoinin.


You’re entitled to your hunches. When you state them and insult people it helps everyone assess your level of intelligence. This is good


Have you a problem with people bringing in gardeners? Yes or no will do.


Keep you finger pressed on i and you’ll see the í option come up. Either that or spell it Sheoneen.




He’s a scheming, backstabbing, thick, venal little weasel of an uncle Tom.
Cunt had two side by side articles in the paper yesterday, the first a total virtue signal written for the flakes about, irrespective of talent, how right ulster and Ireland were to fire two lads for a couple of slightly crude texts, and the second, in a pander once again to the golfing classes, the Alan partridge types that swallow his crap, praising the sporting skills of that thief that won the golf, and saying that due to his talent, everything else was fine.
I despise the utter little cunt for the way he used Emma o reilly, and then tossed her aside, kimmage likewise. He’s a very poor man’s rasputin. Cunt.


You forgot writing letters to get paedos out of jail earlier


I did. Apologies.


And then rowing back when he saw the way the wind was blowing. He’s a Grahame Taylor sidekick of a man.


Graham Taylor was a gentleman


I wasn’t talking about Grahame Taylor, I was talking about his sidekick, if you trouble yourself to read. Maybe use your finger.