Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted




bump for @myboyblue
Who was the comedian @Locke


WTF happened the thread title? @rocko

Anyway, Michael Shields


John Doyle


Martin O’Neill. Just take the cunting contract from Stoke!!


Ryan Tubridy


Nicky English


Micko Dwyer



This isn’t the deaths thread


Good - want him alive to see Dubs do 5 in a row




Great call. And there was lads on here who thought he was great. An utter moron


Even still Dwyer has them seething. What a ligind.


the entire “Citizens Assembly”


This cunt is going to be well in the running this year.


She’s a horrible yoke. She’ll be front & centre for the referendum later this year and will get plenty of exposure.


She’s at it already. She was on newstalk during the week giving it socks. I’d love her to knock on my door before the referendum


I would luvvvvvv it if we beat them, luvvvvvvvv it. They’ve still got to go to the ballot box and get something…!


There’s no middle ground with her. She needs some lad to leave a load in her and fuck off


That doesn’t read well Mike