Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Im nominating those cunts. Making those half and half jerseys should be illegal


He means given as gifts to the bride/groom from differing counties by someone who thinks they’re hilarious during the speeches.

You’d probably not be familiar with that trend as most Dubs will marry within the county, or more often than not, their family.


Chris De Burgh.


What’s he done now?


Does it matter?


You have dubs confused with tipp folk. They are the ones that like to keep it in the family.

Typical roaster behaviour giving an awful present like that thinking their so great. Should be fucked out of the wedding and their pox of a jersey after them.


A Dub commenting on wedding etiquette !!
Do you like the Dub weddings ? When Anto marries Nahalie, she’s the mother of 3 little dole sponging cunts already and the assembled mass of dolies keep it together in their cheap 3 piece suits before they head to a classy spot like the Red Cow for the afters, all hell eventually breaks loose as the Dub knacks revert to form and start the gang fighting that they’ve been reared with.
Challenge a Dub to a one on one and he’ll run for his miserable life.
A gang is his territory.


Any weddings of dubs i have been too have all been down the country. Think i was only at one in Dublin.


Do hotels take bookings from your type ?


Uh getting personal now.


Yep. Maybe you don’t like the home truths ?


Roasters are fucking delighted to have a Dublin wedding. Keeps the place open other than that the hotel would close up and the place would die.


You should bow down to us dubs and be thankful that we are keeping rural Ireland open for yis


Don’t get me started about that cesspit of a city. Go suck a pot of coddle up your cocaine riddled nose you horrible horrible inner city rat.






Can I just confirm you still go to lanzarote on your summer holidays every year? That is when you havent been fucked out by the wife for excessive drinking and getting one up on a weekly basis against some Gaa hard chaw who tried to fuck you over and failed?


Congrats @Brimmer_Bradley, you caught another one



Its gas, I was bored last night and went fishing. Drove a half a dozen of them demented. Easy as you like. :shark: