Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


you done some very good work there last night, that @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac is a very strange individual, he was hopping up and down like Davy Fitz last night, going from leg to leg


Nothing in particular. I nominate him every year as he is the most perpetual of cunts.


Yep. I’ll be foregoing 2 weeks all inclusive in 2019 for a month or 5 weeks in a villa in Matagorda.
Are you booked for Gorey already ? Hope the weather is good for ye.


I didn’t think I was that drunk last night :flushed:.
@Spidey, I hope we don’t fall out, you’re one of my favs here.


Sorry pal - I was just back from work drinks and windmilling. No true offence intended.


Similar story here. As two of the most influential posters here I’m sure Rocko will be relieved we’ve put this behind us.


Jeff Winter




Who ??


Neil Francis


Franno is untouchable in these parts you giant puss filled vagina


Why ?


Paddy Cosgrove.

Was destroyed on morning ireland :grin:


On what?

I spotted him on Saturday morning at Nick’s Coffee in Ranelagh but I won’t be taking him to the Celeb Spotting thread.


Tiger Woods.


The housing crisis/ take back the city


He’s not Irish.




Not on cunt grounds, that’s for sure.


True, but we cant simply allow every foreigner who is a cunt into the COTY. Irelands COTY for the Irish.