Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


His level surpasses national boundaries.




AC: Did you raise these issues with Leo Varadkar when you got him to speak at your event?
PC: I’ve raised this issue numerous times with various people
AC: But did you raise it directly with the Taoiseach when you had the opportunity
PC: I’ve been tweeting about this for a long time



youd wonder if the bould Audrey would be so tenacious if that was eoghan murphy in the studio. typical RTE though, blame the protester and not the govt.


I’m firmly behind the campaign to get this guy into office for COTY 2018.

Bout time he went the distance.


No that fucker and his family of solicitors from ballaghadereen are unbeatable in oh eighteen.


He was also trying to compare the protests to the actions of farmers, and saying that Fine Gael were pro-farmers etc. Then on his next point he brought up the fact that FG has brought in legislation to allow CPO’s for land farming landed wanted by MNCs. He was a bit all over the place.


I agree he was all over the place but in his points he had nuggets of facthood. take for example when the farmers took over ag, it was all carefully managed, media on message, gardai as well. now compare that to the home protestors and its a sea change.

he should have really taken her to task about it being the media and the oppositions job to hold the govt to account and why wasn’t she doing her job in this regard


My NAMA’ed landlord who is dragging his feet giving back our deposit, after turfing us out and wanting to sell his apartment complex.
He never had to wait weeks for his f*cking rent.


my poxy Muldoon tenant, the stench of the apartment after the animal. He wants his deposit back but I need to pay to fumigate it




Always huge drainage issues in swamp sites .


Franno gave himself a great pat on the back for being courageous enough to raise this issue on Matt Cooper this evening.

Given that he represented an organisation that gave succour to the apartheid regime for decades it’s hardly surprising that he would take an anti Palestinian stance.


Conor mcgregor is a front runner at this mid stage, I reckon Geldof won’t retain his title.


Two of them actually.

As well as the Sunday Independent, he also represented the IRFU.


Cian Healy


His “Nicky laughed” moment?


Yep. Fucking wanker.


whats this?


Connacht Rugby’s John Muldoon retired last season. In his final game, a whupping of Leinster in the greyhound track beyont in Galway, they allowed him the last action of the game, a tap over conversion.

Cian Healy, bless the snowflake cunt, found this incredibly offensive and is still seething over it months later.