Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted




would be mighty craic if Connaught only let lads from the pack take kicks this weekend, proper church would be proper seething


Similar to Ray Cummins in 1982 ?


Ray didn’t laugh.


Did John Muldoon ?


I’d be surprised if Liam Sheedy hasn’t this wrapped up by the end of the year.
Or early next year at the very latest.


Ashling Thompson.




Larry Goodman


Kathryn Thomas


Any cunt wearing a Kerry jersey at the rider cup .


Rory McIlpube


Is it only kerry wearing roasters or any gobshites wearing any county jersey at the Ryder cup?


Kerry especially but any adult wearing a GGA jersey to this needs an EGM with themselves .


Anybody over the age of 23 that’s wears a jersey needs to seriously reevaluate everything.


What else am I going to wear on the plane to Malaga to let everyone know where I’m from?


Ive a few weeks left so :grin:


Dennis naughten channeling his inner lowry


The quinn family. Every one of the entitled defrauding liary bastuds.