Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Who me?


all of us


Do you begrudge a competent politician earning a few quid? What’s your problem with the party leader being involved in fundraising for her party?


Yes when she, and her party, and always claimed to take home the average industrial wage.

Again I’ve none but in this case she was accusing her opponent of pandering to the middle classes which she chose to attend rather than be at the inauguration of Irish President.


Misleading the public into thinking they don’t take the salary they are entitled to, isn’t the most scandalous fib I’ve heard from a politician.

You’re put out because the leader of a party that claims to represent the poor didn’t go to the inauguration of a man whose favourite mode of transport to the chipper is a Lear jet?


Sinn Fein ministers couldnt live on the average industrial wage, it was unsustainable in the current economic climate— They should just come out and do away with it — the reasons they couldnt live on it is what should be highlighted, but there’s no room for that in Ireland.

It was a fundraiser — and linking the two points together here - When Mary Lou tried to raise a point about governance and the welfare of ordinary people - FG responded with personal mud slinging - just as they and FF have done for decades when ever they are pressed on anything— but again, that’s all fine it seems … The fact you and other establishment lickspittles can’t even see this just shows how ingrained it is in Irish politics.


A fundraiser in New York by a supposed socialist party is the real story here .


Not a socialist party.

And where do you think any party gets money from? - are you mildly retarded?


I’ve no time at all for Hanafin despite (or maybe because of) being a former constituent of hers. However, if the article is correct then she had every right to be there.


While she was at at lunch that cost $400 per person.


I don’t think anyone begrudges the SF TD’s etc their salary. It’s well earned. However there was a continuous virtue-signalling from the party that they were only taking the average industrial wage. It always smelled like bullshit and the shine has well and truly come off the claim.


Erm, taking money off wealthy yanks to fund a party that claims to represent the less well-off is hardly a hanging offence surely, no matter how right wing you are.


I think many genuinely did live on it - local counsellors on reduced expenses etc. etc. - but many were putting their own money into facilities/schemes/initiatives etc. etc.


The other parties are only pissed off at SF taking money off yanks because they don’t get as much as SF do. You could bet if FF or FG where getting a load of money of they yanks they wouldn’t give a flying fuck.


I’ve no issue with castigating that other cunt Varadkar for his policies also. He’s out for the upper class and other middle class who live in Dublin and couldn’t give a fuck about the rest of you.

The fact that you can’t see how much of a hypocritical cunt Mary Lou McDonald is is a sad reflection on how easy it is for any simpleton to obtain a History Masters at a university that will give you a place if you collect enough tokens off the back of a box of Cornflakes.



That’s level 6 at least.


And how much will naughtens lunches cost all of us?


Too fucking much and he fell on his sword for that.


Being articulate doesn’t indicate seething-ness.


Critiquing your own work now - like a man proud of the stench off his own fart …