Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


The misogynists out in force.


fell on it? he was dragged kicking and screaming onto it. and that’s twice now leo has misled the dail. but sure lets let the media talk about 400 quid fundraisers. sure FG don’t do fundraisers…


Are these the same as the Holocaust deniers on here or is this a different cult?


No one is letting FG, the shower of cunts that they are, off the hook here. You’re just using them to distract from the fact MaryLou has her followers completely hoodwinked into thinking that she’s a ‘woman of the people’ when in reality she’s a schmoozer to the wealthy.


id say the miggledy bash was more than 400 quid a plate as well

there’s schmoozing with the wealthy and schmoozing with the mega wealthy and found to have made corrupt payments for ministers, which do you think will cost the taxpayer more?


So are you saying that it’s ok for Mary Lou McDonald to attend events with people like this but not for Kenny and Varadkar to do the same?

Personally I think they’re all utter utter cunts for doing this.


not at all. all political parties have funraisers at exorbitant rates per plate. its these private meetings, with no officials, or if officials present, no memos with people who are in a tendering process or have been found to have made corrupt payments to ministers.

so how many private meetings has MLMD had with these types of persons and what can she do, not being in govt, on foot of same?

and yes, most politicians, with a few notable exceptions, are cunts.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: tow the line anyway kid. The first lesson you learned


Is Zappone eligible?


Definitely qualifies as a cunt anyway. Fucking Queen of self promotion.


She is a citizen so she is.

As an aside, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone involved in Irish public life burn through a large bank of good will so quickly.




Don’t think as much, there was always the whiff of sulphur FF her. With zappone she got a lot of sympathy for her court case and her being front and centre for gay rights. Things started to go south at jobstown, then the McCabe and CFA fiasco and it now appears all she touches turns to shit.


Lads completely missed the point in the bizarre rants afterwards.

The Piggy is happy at the trough and ain’t for moving.


Phil Mickleson


John Delaney.


Toe, it’s toe.


This cunt. Cllr Trevor Gilligan.



The father was a raving anti Semite.