Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted


Thats how it was back then I suppose.


A cunts cunt


Different times. A great statesman.


Called them “Christ killers” in the Dáil once.


As it says in the Bible.


No Charlie is a cunts cunt. His father seemed like an alright sort.


Charlie did me a favour once, I don’t like to go on about it. But he’s a thoroughly alright sort.


Did he kick the dew off your grass?


He moved a few tinkers on.


Did he fix you up with a few acres?


Good one, witty & pointless.


Fail to meet your targets again harry?


He’s right cranky this morning


It’s sad to see. That attitude won’t help him.




You’re not a nazi war criminal then. Thanks for clearing that up.


Listened to a podcast on him recently. Apparently the head man in Department of Justice at the time was no fan of jews and had little problem with Nazis moving to Ireland.


The Irish history podcast? Some amount of grovelling going on by the sounds of it


Didn’t Dev send a message of sympathy to the German people following the death of Hitler?

Fucking weirdo.


Thats the way it was gone back then.