Cunts on Bikes

The little moan out of him when he goes arse over tit put the tin hat on it.


It reminded me of the roar out of the lad on the penny farthing in Brixton who got knocked over by a van turning right.


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And they all probably blaming the cager

Full clip here for you. One of em ends up in the ditch unsurprisingly

There’s a dreadful clip released by a man’s family of mad Wednesday on the Isle of Man when the same thing happens, some lad comes round on the wrong side of the road and runs at that speed straight into a lad minding his own business headed the other way. Caught on helmetcam by the biker behind the innocent party, both bikes and riders effectively disintegrate.

Can you do this in Ireland?
Never heard of it over here.

It’s actually frightening to watch people in their cars these days such is the mobile phone use, it actually can’t be allowed to continue.


@The_Selfish_Giant believes the Tout line will be setup shortly.

a paid tout line

As soon as SF get in?

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If any story summed up cyclists:


A good thing @Fagan_ODowd was there to intervene

nice distinction between cyclists & people on bikes mate

Home Truths: Our neighbourhoods are being ‘cycledozed’ and it goes hand in hand with gentrification