Cunts that will be rolled out for Up For The Match


Django will still make it. Murray is very much playing sideshow in that double act.

Really looking forward to the big event tonight. In many way’s the match on Sunday often turns out to be a serious anti-climax after the Saturday night extravaganza. It most be a relief out in RTE that Kilkenny have taken a break this year as pretty much everyone in Co. Kilkenny has featured on the show over the last decade.

Line up as ever a closely guarded secret, but I would expect it to be more or less drawn from the following pool - Jerry Buttimer TD, Crystal Swing, John Creedon, Bill O’Herlihy, Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, Donal Og Cusack, Anthony Daly, Retired Bishop Willie Walsh, Fr. Harry Bohan, Dr Mosjee Bhamjee, Timmy Dooley TD, The Kilfenora Céilí Band, Justin McCarthy, Sharon Shannon

Some so & so spray painting farm animals will surely feature.

Eddie Lenihan.

@turfcutter ? :smiley:

There will be plenty of Clare shouting.

Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy heh-hoooo.

The ghost of Lohan…

Gravity hasn’t been kind to Grainne unfortunately

Christ would they not have put sharon on later, gives her the whole night to ‘enjoy herself’
:pint: beep beep

This is gonna be epic. Ryan pulls the customary elvis look out again for the telly, we’ve already had family nicknames and des couldn’t believe jamesie taught some of the hurlers.

Some yahoo’s in the audience.

What kind of dirt has Ryan O Dwyer got on RTE? The chap is always on the tv. :rolleyes:

Bad choice of support cup alright Mixer.

Wonderful bants.

[quote=“carryharry, post: 827657, member: 1517”]Some yahoo’s in the audience.

What kind of dirt has Ryan O Dwyer got on RTE? The chap is always on the tv. :rolleyes:[/quote]

What else has he been on? I do recall him featuring on RTE during the 2011 Eire Presidential campaign declaring his support for IRA/SF UK candidate Martin McGuinness.

He’s been on Championship Matters on a couple of occasions.

What a credit to Des and Grainne that they’re able to transfer the easy-going nature of a pub conversation into a live TV setting, year after year.

Clare is a fairly backward spot in fairness.