Cycle, crash, cycle, crash, cycle thread

Vingo looked strong there

Great stage win for him.


Always enjoy the Eurosport commentary giving out a recipe from the region in which the stage is that day

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Bilbao has abandoned

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Girmay wins the sprint. Roglic loses a stack of time after a crash.

Roglic is always crashing

If he’d ducks they’d drown. This crash was not his fault somebody further up tipped the central meridian of the road and brought a few of them down. Still all the other big noises had taken position at the top of the peloton so they could see what was going on so you could fault Roglic for that.

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@Locke has Eurosport dressing Orla like a nun taken away from your enjoyment of these years Tour?

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Someone must have had a quiet word when she got the rubby gig. They don’t show “the breakaway” here seems to be only on Eurosport UK.

I hadn’t noticed tbh. She’s always herself I would say. On her Ten Times Braver channel she’s saying that her anxiousness is quite high these days. She’s a quality woman.

Philipsen wins the sprint to Pau. Girmay 4th. Nasty crash on the run in.

Problem is the lead out guys start easing off or drifting when their job is done. The lotto guy was trying to take his man through in an increasingly tight space and caught the Arkea rider.

Pyrenees today.

Irish eejit there pushing his flag into the way

Healy 1:12 up with 8km to go. Will be close

Stephen Roche’s last stand in the Tour De France was up this road in 1993. Not sure if the Tour has been back since.

Be great to see an Irishman (sort of) win a mountain stage. Yates will surely overhaul him though.

Picked the wrong stage unfortunately. Not close at all in the end. He could do with the good lads taking it handy for a day

Problem for him is pogaczar never takes an easy day. Breaks never get decent time.

Great banter there on tg4
‘Did you ever sleep in a car yourself?’
’ wha, the guards wouldnt ask me that!’
'Did you?
‘I might’
‘Do the seats in your car go right back!?!?’

This looks like another stage win for Pogocar.