Cycling Thread


It was good while it lasted…


Tuesday take too much out of him? If only there was a way he could have recovered quicker


He prefers the hear heat and performs better in the sun.

Yes you heard right, an Irishman who can’t preform in the rain


That’s exactly what his manager said. Also, yesterday was the first real long mountain climb of the race. Up to now it has been punchy climbs at the end of stages that help power riders. The real climbers came to play yesterday. And conditions were bad.


Suspected arson attack on the Irish cycling team bus in Portugal.


I’d say you could drop the “suspected”


Fucking hell, burnt to a crisp…


Jaysus that’s terrible


I thought everybody loved us.


Lad from the Oirish team won yesterday’s stage. Froome leads by a minute from Nibali. He lost time on a super hard climb yesterday. Saturday’s stage will also be tough so he might lose yet. Nico is about 17th lost 16 minutes last weekend


Sagan wins the world title from Kristoff and Matthews. Three in a row


Some kid is Sagan :clap:


An animal


How the Danes transport their bikes on the train. Do we do this in Oireland?


We do indeed. When was the last time you took the train?


AI semi final v Cork in God knows what year. Beat them well. Had AIB premium tickets and was sitting in front of Eddie Keher. Jesus he gets worked up at matches. 09 maybe?


You won’t need to be making trips up for all ireland semis over the next few years mate


Too true, pal. Spent force. It’s all about Callans drive to Junior glory these days.


Sam Bennett wins three stages in a row in Turkey :clap:


Nothing to beat in fairness