Cycling Thread


Tour De France route announced today. Start in Brittany, a team time trial, some cobblestones to Roubaix, the return of Alpe d’Huez and three days in the Pyrenees with a 35km TT to finish. Will be a tough one. Froome favourite of course but I’m going for Nibali or Doumoulin.


If it’s wet on the cobbles all bets are off.
As we know nibali is the dodgiest of those three, I hope he doesn’t win.


Doumilon for me. Would love to see a relatively big cyclist do it. Froome looked spooked at the launch yesterday I thought


Tour of Cold Turkey


If only.


I’d love to see quintana win, but I think he’s clean.


Doumoulin looked impressive in the Giro and seems to have the ability to challenge Frome alright. Is his team up to it?


Not a hope. He’ll be seven minutes behind before he gets the 29 sprocket fitted.


Sunweb will be decent in the team TT but won’t be as strong as Sky. Teams are reduced from nine to eight riders. Was listening to Lance’s preview podcast this morning. He reckons it’s a really tough route, that there is nothing there for the sprinters and that he doesn’t fancy Dumoulin because of the route. He fancies Nibali because he is a super bike handler.


Some lovely towns on the tour this year, Chartres, Valence, Fontenay le Comte, Carcassonne.


I will be doing a little travelling between Narbonne, Carcassonne and Montpellier in early July myself, unfortunately missing le Tour by about 10 days.


Carcassonne is beautiful alright.


This must be the worst thread on the Internet…


There was one yesterday…


That will be lovely.


Lance’s podcasts are thoroughly enjoyable.


A great listen. Do you listen to the interview ones as well?


Fuck off out of it so.


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