Cycling Thread



Next year’s Giro will start in Israel. Froome is riding it. Rumoured that Sky are getting a two million appearance fee.,


One week of a bigger gap between Giro and Tour next year so maybe that influenced decision as well. Winning Giro next year for Froome would arguably be the bigger achievement.


Not many will all three grand tours. I think it’s a risk to his winning the Tour.


Most certainly is. I do not think he will win Tour next year. .


No, neither do I. Not enough TT kms in it. i reckon @flattythehurdler 's favourite rider Vicenzo Nibali will win it.


They’ll have the helicopters out the sneaky fuckers.
Nibali is a full jokeshop


a bit wet today guys


I’d like to formally acknowledge that my esteemed and learned friend and mentor @The_Selfish_Giant was absolutely 100% correct about fixies. I have no use for gears and I just had my rear gear cassette and chain replaced as they were both worn out from singular use of one high/hard gear. For around a year now, changing gears is to me is a sign of weakness. I will certainly strongly consider a fixie as my next bicycle.


Wow, fantastic news

What an uplifting way to start my day

@Mac will be seething


What’s the best cycling shorts lads. I need ones where the padding is good and thick


Mate, don’t do it, you just have overcome your midlife crisis


It’s like I have a calling mate


It would be more in your line to go down and rise a few walls, instead of swanning around on a bike with a big padded arse. The neighbors are bitching.


I’m delighted for you and yours


If its bothering you that much step down from the Ursus and rise them yourself




Look at
Worth spending a decent few quid on shorts. Get bib shorts.


Asos are very good