Cycling Thread


Heart attack is now being reported.


Got a heart attack while on bike then crashed. Poor kid.


It’s rotten.


Tragic. Is that confirmed regarding sequence @balbec?


That’s what I read on L’Equipe anyway.


Very unusual for a young fit lad to get a heart attack. Cycling authorities should hang their heads in shame


True. You’d never hear of a young GAA player dying from a heart condition.


Or a young soccer player. Three in France in the last year.


That’s not normal. My point stands about the cycling head honchos. Even for the fact that when you hear about this poor young lad who may have died of natural causes, many, myself included, would have a presumption that it was drug related.


Stop. Just stop.


Well, you would wonder. Paris Roubaix is a savage race, I wouldn’t even put a 23 year old young pro into it.


Just looked it up. I see Sagan won it. He’s an animal


A rock star. Gas fucker.


He’s a seashell myth.


You’ll be telling us milk comes from cows next.


Sweep sweep


It does. Roided hormoned cows.


He’s the shiny seashell in the midst of many seashells


He’s better craic than your English heroes Froome and Wiggins anyway.


They’d all be peddling squares without the medics.