Cycling Thread


Geoenewegen with the sprint win in Le Tours longest stage. They didn’t start racing until 10km out. Cav is fucked, pulled up with 30m to go, hasn’t got it any more


Yeah it’s a young mans game.


Cav must be doing the tour clean this year.


He’s no base after all the crashes he had.


Noticeable how much viewing figures are down this year. Sky scandals have done huge damage to the sport imo. With likes of Contador, Evans, Armstrong, Sastre and Ullrich they were all at least good cyclists and had pedigree. Froome is just taking the piss.


Only a complete fucking idiot could believe it.


What time do they get to the cobbles today?


It’s 156 km today and from about 70km to go there are cobbles. The last cobbles are 7km from the finish.


It should be finishing around 4pm CET


Richie Porte out after a crash today


Its fucking carnage on the cobbles. Team cars cant even get up to deal with the issues. Fellas hardly have a drop of water!!

Was a fella away in the break 3 1/2 mins clear and he had to sit up to bring his bottles back to teammates they couldn’t get water to them. You could see their team car trying to make it up through peleton driving in ditch but peleton wouldnt let em up :joy:


Total carnage, it’s all over the shop. What a stage!! What a shame I’ve to switch over and watch KK getting bate out the gate by Limerick…


You should tape the match to watch later, it’s not like anybody on TFK would spoil it for you


25km to go in the demolition derby.


Degenkolb won from van avramart.


Dan Martin finished in the Froome group today. Fair fucks. Uran the big loser today.


that was one of the best days cycling ever


Where’d you go mate?


Watched it back there. It was ridiculous. It seems like the organizers just wanted riders to crash and get hurt. It made no difference to the GC.


Hard on Richie Porte going out injured in same stage two years running.