Cycling Thread


Go away, it was epic watching. most of the fellas that went down did it on paved roads.
QC, may not have changed a huge amount, but was touch and go to last section of paveé
Barbet’s performance was exceptional, 4 bike changes and only managed to lose a handful of seconds
beats the shit out of the Sunday afternoon cycle of last few stages


Imagine if it was wet. That’d be proper epic.


I can’t bring myself to watch it this year.


Anyone got a link for stage today please?


Barguil and Alaphilippe away in a group about 4 mins up. Movistar putting the foot down now on the second climb. Dan Martin well placed behind the Sky riders. Quintana must be having a go today.


I hate those sky cunts


Not normal.


Dan the man does a nice job of dragging froome up the last part of the climb… and then gets dropped by him
Fuck sake


fuckers have to be juiced
There’s no way you can take off like that
even lance in his juiced up prime couldn’t do that


I’m amazed people are still watching this farce.


I watch it for the scenery


I used to watch it for the way Sean Kelly would say "Classification "




A gift to the French tourism board.


Isn’t that the point of it?


Pretty much. No one buys papers any more.


Anybody have a link for this? It isn’t on tv in Cambodia.


Update boys? Its Alpe d’Huez today aint it


4’22” advantage for Kruijswijk coming onto the foot of Ad’H. Epic 40 mins or so ahead. Dutch corner will go ballistic!!


Krueswijk is virtual leader on the road . 5 mins up just before Alpe d’huez. All the top men are together. The Dutchy might have enough to win the stage. If it comes together Roglic will win.