Cycling Thread


I believe that’s the first ever British winner on Alpe d’Huez. Great day for British cycling.

Geraint Thomas was the fastest today on Alpe d’Huez today, with a time of 41:15.

That’s 4: 35 sec slower than Marco Pantani’s record and not fast enough to enter the Top 100 fastest Alpe d’Huez ascents.


Sounds cleaner tbf


Seems legit.


A master stroke from Sir Dave Brailsford. Froome getting all the abuse and the Welch cruising away to win the race.


This Thomas lad is 32 and has never finished in the top 30 or 40 of a grand tour before this year. Yet he’s beating all and sundry now out of nowhere. Right so


He has at least one big fuck up in each big race.


Quintana well off his best here and he sat that time near the end of the tour.



Times are a lot slower. Clean cyclists like Geraint Thomas have a chance with the druggies gradually getting weeded out.




Ya stop spamming @GeoffreyBoycott, clean and le tour are not in the same sentence, throw in team sky to that argument too.


As I said earlier, Geraint Thomas winning ascent of Alpe d’Huez today in 41.15 doesn’t even make the top 100 fastest ascents. He’s in the frame this year because times are considerably slower.


Sure thats why he didn’t make a solo effort man, all the others attacked on turn 8/9


Armstrong didn’t sit on a wheel, it’s usually near the end of the tour and the defining climb so they empty themselves for it so your point is a bit off here


Think you forgot to log out and use your other username there mate


Nibali is out
apparently cracked a vertebrae when he crashed into police motorbike. some going for him to get back on the bike and almost catch the front five with a broken back


Soft Italian. Ireland’s Dan Martin rode half the race last year with a broken back.


Thats right I’m using 2. @GeoffreyBoycott is something I cooked up just to ball hop. Il stop using it now.


Stage finishes in Valence today. One of my favourite French towns. If you’re ever looking for a place to stop off on a drive down through France and spend the night, this would be as nice a place as any.


I had a friend in Grenoble a few years ago and spent a day in valence. Very nice town. France is an amazing place really. Dozens, maybe hundreds of mid sized towns worth visiting.

I was in a place called Sable d’olonne there few weeks back. Lovely town with great seafront. Pornic, Brevin les pins, St Nazaire, Carantec, st pol de leon other places we put down a few hours this year touring around that are worth a visit