Cycling Thread


In all my days I’ve been to two French towns that I wouldn’t go back to. Dunkirk and Macon.

Sables D’Olonnes is a lovely spot.


Lovely moment coming to the top of the last climb today and you could here the crowd clearly chanting Froooome. They love him out there.



Gilbert had a bad crash earlier in more or less the same spot where Casartelli was killed in 1995. He went over the wall but got back up again. A few bends before he was pricking around lying on the top tube like Froome does.




Nice bit of agrarian action today



Craddock has been ride the whole tour de force with a broken clavicle. Nibali went up Alpe d’Huez with a broken vertebrae.
Neymar take note


Neymar is sitting on a mountain of cash. I doubt if he gives a shite what these head the balls do.


I’d say Martin will just tuck in behind Team Sky in the Peleton and try attack at some stage just after a breakaway is reeled in.


Any attacks going on, I’m missing the end of it


No shame coming second to Quintana today for Dan

Up yer bollix asthma boy


That was a brilliant stage. Great stuff from Dan Martin. Froome cracked and Geraint Thomas unquestionably the main man for Sky now.


commiserations to @flattythehurdler, looks like his main boy is gone, unless he pulls of another fenestre type miracle. he still has Gee to cheer on though.

that Bernal kid will be something else
was a good day’s racing, but fuck sky at this point, tis like celtic in the scotch league
takes a lot of the fun out of it


What sort of a time trialist is Dumoulin?


He holds the rainbow jersey in the TT


Suspiciously good.


It’s impossible not to have admiration for Dan Martin when you hear him speak like this. Such humility when he talks. Personally I’ll be devastated if he’s ever found to be doping but maybe it’s too good to be true


Why do Sky sponsor a cycling team when they don’t cover the races?