Cycling Thread


Because they get their brand mentioned 1000 times a day for free on other sports channels


Why would they want their brand associated with a sporting monopoly that blow their rivals out of the water with high spending and dodgy dealings ?


The shame will follow in time


some fall


IMG-20180725-WA0002 yellow Jersey when he was a fat cunt, for a climber


They need to be careful not to flog the shit out of Bernal though as a domestique.


World champion


Don’t think he will beat Thomas by two minutes in a TT though. Roglic is decent against the clock and might nick 3rd off Froome.


That’s what happen when you do a major climb with a broken kneecap. For all their faults they are the hardiest hoors.


The French farmers are good at doing protest .


Landa and Bardet in a group 3 minutes ahead of the sky group nearing the last climb.


Where’s Dan now chaps? Website says he attacked from the yellow jersey group.


With G. He can win this


Just saw it now on the tracker. I’m expecting Froome to try the insane descending style of his here.


2 minutes 37 seconds must be enough of lead to hold off Froome tomorrow.


Tommy D could pull it off


Doubt it


Shame DuMoulin got that puncture. If he had been closer in time, Thomas would have had to attack him at some stage which would have been a bit more interesting. Thomas looks like he would have had it in him in fairness. Looks comfortable the whole time.


Why do lads want domoulin to win? He’s dodgier than froome, as bad as anyone sky have to offer or worse.


I’ll take a PM. You seem to have the inside track.