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Nobody in the history of cycling is dodgier than Froome, with the possible exception of this Roglic cunt.


Roglic is grand. An ex ski jumper. Fearless those lads.


That was a great stage.


I want Geraint Thomas to win.


Proper cycling




In fairness you could only admire the way Chris Froome rode in support of his team mate Thomas when his own victory slipped through his grasp. Sir David Brailsford spoke very movingly about that earlier.


Sir David & Sir Bradley were knighted. Poor ould Chris the Kenyan left out even though he won 3 Tours more than Wiggins.


What’s the story with this Thomas chap? Seems a bit dodgy at 32 to win the TDF having never finished in the top 15 in a grand tour before?


Ah he’s been decent for years. Basically did the job for Froome for a few years that Froome did for Wiggins (well almost, he didn’t ever look like he could beat Froome). Sky have so much money that their second or third best would be as good as most other team leaders.

Other lads would know better than me, but you’d have to assume at this stage that all the top lads are dodgy. The most “remarkable” improvement in Thomas this year is his time trialling. He used never feature in the top few place. His girth is surprisingly big for a top climber too.


Two Olympic gold medals on track. Won a few decent one week races. He’s never put a three week race together without a bad day before. A few years back he was 4th or 5th the last Friday and ended up 15th. He rode a perfect race, he usually crashes. Not this time.


he crashed in the TT in the Dauphiné right before the tour. Almost had a carbon copy of that crash today, but stayed upright
I’d say being on the same team as froome was he’s biggest asset in the winning of this tour though, lads too busy keeping an eye on froome

that and the fucking team of Uber domestiques, I mean where would you be going when you have Bernal, Kwiatowski, Poels, Lowe, castroviejo leading you into the base of the mountain, and then up it. fucksake I’d be winning stages with that train dragging me around. and they have another bus load of fellas that could fill in for any of those lads
Cycling needs a salary cap


The Sky should have a limit.


Perfect for them now to use Thomas and Froome as leaders for a few years while grooming Bernal.


He rides for Sky and is juiced up to the gills . We also now have a ski jumper who only started cycling when he was 22 finishing 4th in the race.

It’s a total sham, has been for a long time I suppose, but at least elite riders used to win. Any oul carthorse can have a good crack at it now as long as he’s on the right gear.


I haven’t got the stats in front of me but average speeds are lower and winning margins are less than in the good old days. Arguably they are all doping just doping less. Or maybe (big one mind) the sport is cleaner.


Interesting point I always felt with the strain on any human over the 3 weeks of the tour the best lad would always win even if they were all juiced


Must take a look next week.


average speeds peaked in the early to mid 2000s. They’ve dropped by a little since, but not a huge amount, maybe a km/hr or so
they’re still miles faster than the 70s, 80s etc. but a lot of that is down to equipment and super teams (starting with postal) cranking out a high pace