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The races were longer as well. Roche won an 80km TT in ‘87. From ‘88 the race was shorter.


Delighted for Geraint. He’s a past pupil of Whitchurch High School, Cardiff. They’ve now produced a Tour de France champion, the most successful British Lions test captain and the joint most decorated soccer player from the British Isles in the soccer European Cup.


Phil Neal?


Dear me. You need to to a vague modicum of research. One lad caught a train.


Bad week for ex cyclists. Andreas Kaopes died after an allergic reaction to an insect bite. Armand De Las Cuevas one of Indurain’s teammates but a decent rider in his own right died age 50, most probably suicide.


About 15 years ago, I read somewhere that the average life expectancy of a tour de France cyclist was 57.
Its a hard hard life.


Was that in the book about Robert Millar? In the book it said that he had set out his finances in such a way that he would be skint around his mid 50’s when he expected to die! He/she is on the TV and media now so assume he plans on hanging around for a while.


Seems a bit happier. Was posting as gottheteeshirt2 on forums for a while before the re-emergence as the lovely philippa.
Talks a lot of sense though.


Day one of the TdeM over and after the breakfast here in the Lakeside in Killaloe.

180km, went well. Group I’m in are well able and that’s half the battle. Didn’t exert myself too much because of the distance but had good highs at the start and the finish but died a death for around 50km from Clogheen to Tipp.

Heading to Tralee today.

Day one:
Cork, Midleton, Tallow, Lismore, Clogheen, Ballykisten?, Limerick, Killaloe.


Ballykisteen / Limerick Junction

:clap: That a fair spin.


It really is. Thanks for the spelling. Heading off to Ennis now


Fair play @Locke

Plenty of drafting I’d imagine before you make your attacks


I did my best and drafted the fuck out of it heading to Birdhill, couldn’t stay in this year - lost my :crown:, watched the sprint onfold about 300m back :weary:


Lovely sprinting road there. Near my home turf


Tour de France-winning cyclist Jan Ullrich has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a prostitute in Frankfurt.

“He is in police custody,” a police spokesman told AFP news agency, adding that the German national “was under the influence of alcohol and drugs”.

The 44-year-old won the race in 1997.

He was also arrested the previous Friday in Majorca after reportedly jumping over a neighbour’s fence and making threats. Mr Ullrich said he was only trying to talk to his neighbour.

The neighbour was revealed to be German actor and director Til Schweiger, who starred in Quentin Tarrantino’s Inglourious Basterds. He told local media he would not be pressing charges against his former “good friend”, but a restraining order was issued.

The latest incident happened in a luxury hotel. Police said he argued with an “escort lady” and “physically attacked and injured her”.

German news site Spiegel said his lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

In a recent interview with German magazine Bild, Mr Ullrich said he had been in “deep despair” since separating from his wife.

He said he was receiving therapy for problems with drugs and alcohol.

He is the only German cyclist to win the Tour de France, and he also won a gold medal in the road race and a silver in the time trial at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

In 2013, he admitted to doping, having been served a two-year ban by sporting regulators.


Day 2 of the Tour de Munster - Killaloe to Tralee. A getting there but in beautiful sunny weather, handy pace, we went down the estuary road from Ennis to the ferry. Around 150km. Crash with the main hammer droppers heading into Tralee from Listowel but the chap in question was okay, just broken skin.


Day 3 Tour de Munster - Tralee to Kenmare. Rain and wind, near complete opposite from yesterday. Out to Connor Pass. Just tapped up it as the legs were heavy after two days of cycling. Great reception in Killarney as usual where little Derbhla and Ben & Jerry were there to greet me :grinning:. Off up over Molls Gap in the rain but it went well and everyone got down safe and sound.
We had Kelly in our group from Dingle to Milltown and had a good long chat with him. He’s in great form, not much done on the bike and was saying they’d go for a run for an hour during le Tour :scream:. He loves talking about farming but we had a good talk about sprinting and what it takes to win. He said Kav is gone but only from the injuries he’s had.


It’s all worth it to have a chat with the great man,


There isn’t a hope of Cav winning four more stages aged 32. Pity. Well done by the way.


Day 4 - Last day of the Tour de Munster.

Great day. Sunshine and showers and damp on the Hill. But the biggest crowds I can remember there to meet us. Thought at one stage I wouldn’t make it but you power on and get up it. Brilliant experience and a fitting end to 4 days.

Tired but not as bad as I thought after the 600+ km completed. Hungry as hell though, a two dinner day.

Thanks to all for the support and donations. There’s a fair bit of time to think when you’re on the bike and I’m lucky to have the support from TFK, ye boys are alright!