Cycling Thread


You’re a horse and cart of a man fair play :clap:


Aquablue not going for a continental licence for 2019. Shame. Have said that they’ve made mistakes but in the end weren’t getting the invitations to races.


Who will pick up eddie the engine


What mistakes did they make?


It was in their statement that they had made fundamental mistakes. Didnt get into it.

Id imagine being naive in not getting more sponsors on board was a major one really


A bit more about the crash. I think your man Rick is from Cork, explains a lot.


Hes a v successful guy but has a v large ego. Kimmage called him out almost from day1


Kimmage should recognise that character trait alright


ah that was fantastic. smashing race.
should hold the worlds there every year, great course


Great finish. Pity the drug cheat won though. That 28% part was horrendous.


Twould fair sicken you watching that cheating Spanish fucker win it though. Like vino at the Olympics



Lance Armstrong trying to pull off one last heist.


This cunt


Great win for Bennett today. Nice way to finish the season