The Minister



Undertaking :grinning:


Should be in the snowflake thread. Fuck me. Those fatties riding horses on the road are the most self righteous fuckers you will ever encounter. The undertaking was a bit hairy, but if she has a near breakdown at the horse breaking into a trot, she shouldn’t have it out on a main road.



Does every cunt wear a go pro camera now


@bandage wears one walking to work.


Just because people walking to work walk past him it does not mean he is not running


To be fair they spooked the fuck out of the horse whizzing by her upsides on her left and right. It was braindead stuff. Pity she didn’t buck and kill one of the cunts. That’d show em.


It hardly leapt off a cliff though. They were dicks, but I’d say it frightened her more than the horse.


Thinking of getting a bike for getting in and out of town and General forays around the peninsula and the Greenway. Needs to be lightweight and have upright handlebars and to be capable of being lifted in and out of the boot of a phev

This looked interesting though some what edgy perhaps for someone of my years.

Any thoughts other recommendations?



Good make of bike, and decent spec, but seems a tad expensive for what you’re looking for.
Would you not just get a fixie?


I don’t want a fixie and I don’t want an electric bike


Nice bike. Need to make sure you are getting the version with three chain wheels because the single version only has a 46 tooth version and that might be too much gear for you. You will need mudguards. I am sure you will enjoy it’s traffic slaying capabilities. About 24 pounds or 11 kilos weight.


Explain the bit about the gears please


There was another video clip I saw where there was only one chainwheel on that bike and it was 46 tooth. The bigger the front chainwheel the harder it is to push. A racer would have a 52 or 53 tooth chainwheel and a 38 or a 34 inner chainwheel. Of course you go faster on flat bits with a bigger chainwheel but it would be no joke up around the hill of howth pulling that.


Mountain bikes usually come with two or three chainwheels that allow you to go onto a nice handy easy gear when you are going uphill. The version on the clip I posted has three front chainwheels so should be ok,


The most important thing is to get one with back brakes so you can pull skids


Quick opinion on this one please @balbec


Nice bike, think I’d prefer this one. Decent gearing with 50 and 34 chainwheels. 9.45 kilo so a bit lighter.


Fine machine

My friend was a Merida dealer and they’re grand bikes. My racer is a Merida Scultura