Surely you’d pick up a second hand bike for half nothing. Give it a go and see how you get on. Take it from there then.


@Fagan_ODowd is already a regular cyclist.
He’s just on the lookout for an upgrade I think


You think? Theres no fucking room around here for thinking, either you know or fuck off.


I am already a regular cyclist. I am on the lookout for an upgrade.


Ok, but from your first post I assumed you were a virgin cyclist.


No problem.


Cannon Dale bad boy is a grand bike. You couldn’t go wrong.


He won’t need a compact for that. The Badboy is a great choice Imo. Bought one for the oul fella a few years back. He loves it.


@Fagan_ODowd, unless you are planning on cycling up steep hills, you may not need a triple chain ring on the front, and for flattish commuting you could certainly look at a single. Fwiw, a Badboy would hold its value better than a merida, but you’d want a good lock.


I’m not buying it as an investment.


No, but you may want to upgrade/sell on/ break your leg or somesuch.
You’re welcome anyway.


No problem at all pal


For what exactly?


I’d say the Cannondale is the kind of bike Bono would ride around Central Park.


Or not.


I was in the bike shop tonight chaps. I think the Merida definitely reflects my character better. Understated. The Cannondale struck me as brash and vulgar. The Range Rover of bicycles.


Years ago (donkeys in fact) one of the young lads bikes was stolen. We searched and made enquiries to no avail.
I “reported” it to a local Garda over a couple of pints giving a fairly loose description. I met him in town about a fortnight after and he tells me he has the bike in the station and to call in an hour.

I called up and we visited what he termed “the lost property” shed containing about 30 bikes. “That’s yours I’d say” chirps Garda. 'Tis Begod replies Boxty.

We proceeded out , filled up a property recovered form, loaded the rothar and fucked off pronto. A Christmas bottle and a few aisy pints occasionally rounded it off.

You’d be mad to spend money on a bicycle.


There is no way there were 30 bikes in Leitrim.


There was marginally more than 30 cars - ass and cart for the peasants and ponies and traps for those with paying jobs ie: doctors, vets or accountants.


You really are a wonderfully nasty bastard. I’d say it’s taken a long time to perfect.