I liked it.


You’re a world class bollox.
Time well spent.


Stop giving me the high hat flatty


Have you started hitting the free bar?


Yep. Plane late though. Will batter it if I make my connection.


I had a lovely spin on my new Merida there at half 7. Spun into Fairview and back out.

I was out in the car then a few minutes ago. There was a chap on a racing bike in the middle of the road holding up traffic taking a selfie of himself with both hands holding the phone out in front of himself as he cycled along with no hands on the bars.


Cycling with no hands (on the handlebars) is a bit of a lost art, as is turning the racer handlebars upside down like the hardshaws used to do back in the day


Cycling with no hands is cool as mustard.


Using your body weight to steer a bike is quite impressive when you think about it



Well wear


Just back from a spin up to the Summit and back down the hill of Howth on my new Merida. #pumped #whatatimetobealive

There is a pipe band festival in Howth and wall to wall gee. Pipe band music and gee. Could life be any better


Pipe and gee, a classic combination.


You really are a classy guy.


Have you bought the wraparound shades yet?


Not yet. I don’t have the Lycra either.


You’re not still sulking about me not liking the Cannondale are you?


Good call on the Merida pal.

Was cycling with a group on Saturday. There was a lad acting the tool (English fella coincidentally ) cycling with no hands in the middle of the group so he could take a video on his phone . What a glink.


I’ll get six good months of a strop out of that.