I actually cycled into town this morning. 14k @ 20.3 km/ph


Stick up the map there so we can verify it


Imagine how fast you’d have gone on a proper bike like a Badboy. Cannon Dale reinvented the reinforced bottom bracket, and you went off and bought a merida. Sigh.


He has the strava in the leaf the cunt.



Refer to my post above.



Here Flatty, Limerick is just lovely this weather. Mrs ccha and myself had a smashing walk by the river on Sunday evening followed by a pit stop for pints in the locke. A cracking evening all round.


Thanks for that.
Maybe I’ll light a fire in the next door neighbours garden when I’m back, and tell her we need to live handy for water.


Maybe he should get stabilisers like you have on yours?


You’ll be in lycra any day now.


@balbec, someone seems to have hacked your account.


I wouldn’t be going that fast.


Did this today with a few lads from work. Organised by Enniskerry GAA in aid of Pieta House. Some day for it. Some of the views between Roundwood and Enniskerry are just out of this world.

Local 100km event here in 2 weeks in aid of Jack & Jill Foundation. Should be a cracker if weather holds up like this.


You must be shattered


whatever app that is it’s way over calculating your cals burned.
unless your 20+ stone


Fair play, thaf’s a decent spin.


Ah yeah that’s a grain of salt stuff. Sure it’d count freewheeling as pedalling. Only use it for interval times, gives you an update in your ear at your desired frequency which is handy.


First 40k was relatively flat with a tail wind so was handy enough. The next 15k was up and down but lots of shade cover from Rathdrum to Laragh. The last 25k around Djouce was a bit of a bitch with a headwind. Having to jump straight into he car shortly after finishing to get down to chase 2 toddlers around the beach was probably more tiring though!


You must be doing a bit of training to be able for that.