Have done 2 40k spins in the last 6 weeks and that’s it.


Couple of nice drags on that route I’d say




One massive steep climb up through Rathdrum and into Enniskerry, proper heart breakers. And then a constant uphill rolling hills for about 15k from Roundwood.


Rejoice !


29 degrees.


Is that feet or meters elevation?


Knutsford and Didsbury



I’d like to say metres.
But it’s feet.


It’s all flat til you hit the green bit, then all hills.


Sneaky cunts adding in an extra 5k. Lovely route. My legs are fahooked


If you were cycling drunk and were all over the road it would explain the extra few km.


Serious enough incident there at the Beckett Bridge this morning. Lorry coming up North Wall Quay turning left onto Guild St. Cyclist knocked down , seriously injured.


turning left?? Can you turn left there?

is this where there was a fatality a couple of years ago?


I think there’s some up/down confusion. You can turn left at Beckett if you’re going in the direction of the 3 Arena but not if you’re coming from there. The fatality a couple of years ago was back up towards St Laurence O’Toole’s church at the traffic lights where you can veer off towards the port tunnel.


thanks mate, its a route I stopped using

hope the cyclist and driver are ok


You know what, it had occurred to me that I haven’t seen your tussles of grey hair flickering in the docklands breeeze as you cycle across Beckett for a quite a while now.


grey? I think the correct term is surf blond


Swamp silt is the term.