Anybody using the Bleeper Bikes?

The founder said they are going to roll out electric bikes next. That would be a game changer.


They’re twice the price of Dublinbikes subscription I believe for way less bikes. I remain unconvinced.


No docking stand so more flexibility but the electric bikes would be the game changer if priced correctly

At moment 75 euro a year gets you 4 one hour trips per day


Does it matter where you park them when you’re done? I meant to sign up but never got round to it.


Not everyone lives inside the canal though, mate.

There’s a market there. It’s a shame Dublin Bikes hasn’t been expanded much more.



I reckon electric bikes/scooters are the future of urban transport.


You have to park at a designated bike stand of which there are many


Is it a designated bike stand as per their map? Or any bank stand as long as it’s legally parked?


Any public cycle parking space as per their map.


Manchester is looking like being the first city in the world to have its urban bike scheme closed down, due to theft and vandalism. The Manchester scheme you can leave the bike anywhere and they are located by tracker on your phone.


I was only looking at those Bleeper Bikes last month. It seems a great idea but without having used it yet I’ve no idea if its any use. I presume the bikes are heavy and clunky and half abused, like the Dublin bikes.


They caused serious issues in China due to blatant abandomness of bikes. The authorities launched a serious crack down and began removing bikes from the streets, a number of companies went bust resulting in abandoned Bike Mountains like the above.


A clack down.


Yeah true. Even where I am you can be up to 1km away from a Dublinbike stand which is ridiculous. They should expand it to no more than 500m without one everywhere in Dublin 1 to 8. Double the subscription price if needs be.

How many bikes do they have @TheUlteriorMotive? What are the chances that you’ll find one if you were up in Rathmines or Ranelagh?




They look decent - i’ll Sign up over weekend and report back.


Are helmets compulsory in Ireland? I know a few of these bike share mobs closed their Sydney operation because people kept stealing the helmets. And it’s illegal to cycle without a helmet.