Shur it would fuck up your hair?


Australia is behind the times re bike helmets


Cyclists are behind the times, mate.


I wear one of these inflatable helmets. I bought it in California twenty years ago.


did you?

how much did it set you back?


2 grand

You can get them now for 299


signing in also, only downside is I’m on my 3rd one


Does it still work?


Did they make a special model to fit your head size?


I want one and I want it right now.


It’s inflatable mate,


Why are you on your 3rd one, bro? Only good for 1 crash?


Yep,that’s the fault, if you have a slight fall you will be seething at wasting 200 blips.

Well that was the issue a few years back


Small price to pay for looking that fucking cool though, right?


Agreed, it compliments my kangol jump boots perfectly


I wish you’d desist with those, mate.


Welcome return to the airwaves there on the News for Sergeant Tony Davis, advising cyclists to lock their bikes or they might be stolen


Lads I discovered one of the spokes on the back wheel of my bike was disconnected from the rim today. Not sure if it just happened or has been like that for a while. I ended up fiddling around with it and made a bollix of it so in the end I had pull it out. Do I need to get something done asap or will it be grand. Im just after doing 7 miles on it and all We met fine. Also is it an easy fix or will I need to replace the whole wheel? I’ve attached a picture for reference.


Probably won’t make any difference. Can be replaced.


Kristina Vogel :frowning: