Depends on how tight the wheel is tensioned. It needs replacing at some point or the counter traction will warp the wheel. Get it replaced ASAP


I have no idea what any of that meant but i’ll drop it in to the shop next week so.




Last time I went into a shop with a dodgy spoke I ended up buying two new wheels :thinking:


Trust me alf. Needs replacing. Essentially the spokes keep the rim tensioned around the hub from either side. If one is lost, the opposing spoke will act unchecked on that small part of the rim. The adjacent spokes on the same side at the same time are now allowed to slacken and will work loose and will gradually fall out.
In short, just get the spoke replaced and the wheel balanced. Quick and cheap enough job to a decent wheel builder.


On a training spin - I take it that it happened indoors? Cruel twist.


It was an outdoor track in germany during training. She collided with some other rider.


With things being so disposable these days, it’s hard to get a lad to do a job like that.


Do you just use the bike for commuting?


Mostly yeah. Around 75km a week give or take.


I was out in the car there earlier and I saw a breathtaking display of cycling. I was coming down Portland Row approaching the North Strand. There was a bin Lorry two vehicles in front of me. It indicates to pull in left and the car in front of me indicates to pull out right to go around it. This gobdaw on a bike steams down the hill without appreciating what the car is doing and has to make an emergency manouevre to narrowly avoid serious injury.

He then remounts the bike and immediately picks up breakneck speed heading towards the lights at the junction with Seville Place and Amiens Street. The lights go red and a car indicates to go left up the slip road at the 5 lamps. Me man is in the inside lane now going full tilt as the car commences it’s manouvre and this time there is no where for him to go and although taking emergency measures again he falls off the bike. Not seriously injured he gets up and give the driver the finger and a load of verbals before remounting again and heading off once more at full tilt

I don’t imagine he’ll survive the day.


Let’s hope he beat his personal record for that route.


He sounds like a stupid cunt.

I had another near miss today. Coming from Christchurch down winetavern street towards the bridge. In the cycle land proceeding straight a car passed me on my right and then drifts left across me into the cycle lane anticipating her left turn ahead. I had to pull both brakes and slowed enough just in time so that her bumper passed just in front of me, if I hadn’t slowed she would have just come across the side of me and flattened me.

The stupid cunt will kill someone.


Great roadcraft pal.


You literally just can’t give cunts a chance to knock you down.


You played a blinder there pal.


Fantastic spatial awareness.


I thought so. Is it too much to ask that cars not drive straight into the side of you though? That’s my question.


That’s not too much too ask.