I thought that oul bollix was dead.


He is alive and kicking and still rolling out the home truths


The world needs organ donors. But not his eyes. Nobody will want them.


Strava segments. Its the new birdie.


I doubt his liver will be much use either.



ICE drivers speed up when the light is orange


Was driving into town there earlier. Driving along a two lane road parallel to the river. There’s this guy on a racing bike, full gear hammering his personal best down the middle of the road. I can’t overtake him for a few hundred yards, Hogging the middle of the road. I get past him eventually and then there’s another cyclist in front of me. He’s out a good bit in the road as well but he is more of a civilian cyclist than the other joker. Pass him out and head on to the lights. At the lights the second fella is gesturing to me so I roll down the window. He’s out of breath but he blusters out “you do realise mister that you are supposed to leave a metre of space passing me out”. I said “yeah, I know”. Then he calls me an asshole. So I said in my best Limerick, “fuck off you little cunt” and drove off.


Odd that he was speaking English.


He wasn’t. I was making it simpler for you.


You told that story very well. At times I felt like I was there in the car with you.


As I fucked him out of it, I felt like you were there with me.


So, to clarify, did you call him a cunt in polish in a pikey accent?


I felt the inclusion of detail about the river was a bit needless. It didn’t really add anything to the story.


My bad bro’





That’ll learn him


I was out in the car there earlier and I saw a cyclist with one of these on.



It works so?