Depends if there were any he didn’t see.


Saw them in the Apple store in NYC this year.


Yes it works. The only thing is with a cyclist you wouldn’t be looking at his head for a signal, you’d be looking at his arm so there’d want to be fairly widespread take up of these things before they’d be any use. At the moment they are just a gimmick.


Would be useful on a country road.


I would be great in mist, drizzle, murky light and dusk. Bright morning not so useful.


Optimum prowling conditions so


looks like its the bus to work today

damn you thieves, damn you, than christ its just my bike gone

there is a shop in parnell street that sells stolen bikes, is it wrong to buy there and reward these chumps?


if you guys want to set up a go fund me page for a new bike i wouldnt refuse


If you moved to Galway your bikes would never be robbed, pal. Must be six or seven of them taken on you at this stage.


its not the first, i wont lie


This is fucking outrageous, I’m seething at this news. Is it possible you’ve made some enemies on or offline who could have perpetrated this heinous act?


marciekz on the front gate to the estate has a few questions to answer


@padjo :scream:



Did you have the bike tagged or engraved at all?


Nope, buy a cheap bike, it gets robbed,buy a cheap bike


You might be able to buy your bike back so


Robbed from a shed or where did you store it? Scumbags


They were probably watching him for a while.


Side of house