Did you wrap a bow on it for them?


Ah fuck sake mate. You may as well have just left it out on the road for them.


Anyway, i think ill buy an adult scooter


Safe bet. Noone in their right mind would want to rob one of those things


“You may as well invite them in and make tay for them”

“Good man PJ”


Sorry mate, but you were warned



Questions to answer and a bicycle to sell


:rollseyes: sure I can see the gears from here


aussie drivers showing the way forward here


you are vile


@padjo did you a favour debiking you


an experience well worth 1000 aus dollars id say


The cyclist was wearing one of those stupid fucking helmets that scream “hit me”


Didn’t know you were on holidays bud.


Whats that, about 50 euro?



Honey trap


Sure he’s the smartest lad around. No thief would go near that with it surrounded with dopes on their phone taking pictures and frantically uploading them to social media to “go viral”




Was it the magpies that got him