Damien McGrane

The club pro up in Wexford Golf Club only a mere 4 or 5 years ago and he won the Chinese Open today.

That’s a superb achievement and he’s been getting progressively better over the past few years since going full time on The European Tour.

There’s been a few occasions in recent times when he’s been in one of the final groups going out and has fallen away a bit.

But he romped ahead and won comfortably today and maybe those previous experiences stood to him.

A very emotional interview with him on South East Radio just now - he’s overcome with joy. Fair fooks to the Meath native.

Yeah good work by the chap, has been playing well before this and has been threatening in other comps. Delighted for him.

I noticed in all the media for some time now he’s been known as the Wexford golfer but when he goes and wins this big tournament he’s now known as the Meath golfer.

Fair play to the Meath man.

Pikeman is paranoid! Pikeman is paranoid!