Dan Martin


Good article. Great to see Martin do well, and hopefully he is as clean as you suggest. It would do wonders for the sport if some good 100% clean teams could start to dominate.

Don’t forget, this is a man who expected people to negotiate multi-million euro deals over the telephone

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He’s as Irish as peaky blinders.

Good to see him beating a cheat.

He must have beaten a lot of them. A peloton of them in fact.

Great stuff. He was second yesterday. He’s in good form but his team is shite, they lost nearly three minutes in the TT the other day. There is a similar length TT in the Tour.,

His uncle won the Tour.


As Irish as your kids???

3rd today. Would be winning the race only for the TT.

Ha. You come snivelling in here with a couple of hundred grovelling like baits about your trainers and your kids, and all of a sudden you’re the try hard at the back of the bus. Tit.


His uncle was a stonewall cheat. Why should we believe the nivya is clean??

Whoa, I meant no slight mate, seriously. Some people can feel Irish even if they’re not born or live here, I’ve experienced plenty of it and I’m sure you have.

Dan takes the stage on the Mur de Bretagne


Great stuff.

It must have been

A great victory for the Oirish on the world stage

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