How’re ye Dan?

What have you got to say for yourself?

hanter banter skanter

hugh hints hin he herry hinn huh

Yeah. No qualifications bro.

I make a mint.

any chance youl put in a word for me. Getting sick of Bar Cap

Never heard of it mate. Alll my contacts are “big money.” Self made men. They’d laugh you out of the building.

We’re not hiring ponsey lads who have spent the celtic tiger pushing pens in compliance for 20k

Havent heard of it mate? Surprised at that. No good to me so, thanks anyways.

Yeah mate. I wouldnt be any good to you. Your career is too far in the shitter for me to help.


CantonasFlute didn’t do to college, dan, mate. Pay no heed.

Any sign of Barclays moving towards a high street retail presence in the republic, dan? We could do with a solvent bank.

That bank’s not gonna be Barclays, SS**.

Dancarter is a complete cock

Are you saying Barclays is insolvent, Bandage?