Darby was a new member who was disgracefully/rightfully banned for being deemed to be a mate of [wiki]The Puke[/wiki]/or [wiki]The Puke[/wiki] himself.

Many right minded people believe Darby was independent of [wiki]The Puke[/wiki] and got a raw deal from an overworked Admin.

Darby may have been [wiki]an alright sort[/wiki] but until the Admin admits the error of his ways and allows Darby back, we will never know.

The Puke demanded an apology from the Admins for accusing him of having a dual account. He produced no evidence to support his claims and changed his story a few times which didn’t help his case. The admins were very vigilant in making sure Darby was banned and have kept a careful eye on Puke ever since in case he’d chance his arm again. To date only Tipptops has made multiple efforts at multiple accounts.

The darby is an awful man for spoofing and ball hops and is a staunch Ahane GAA supporter…He is in college with The Puke and is a thundering rogue with his baldy head and big mouth of teeth

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