David Beckham Injured

He got stretchered off for Milan tonight. Looks like he tore ligments. A season ender surely and will miss the World Cup.

If he tore his knee ligaments it’s a career ender surely at his age. There isn’t much point in him returning from it. He’s his trophies money and money made.

fact dunph.

Has he sold the rights to the operation yet?

Torn achilles, out of the World Cup. He seems like a nice lad so I’m disappointed for him, even though it doesn’t directly affect my own well being.

more importantly it was a vital win for Milan - what a great goal by seedorf in the last minute

Yeah, still gutted about the latest injustice served on us from earlier today though mate.

if totti wasnt injured so much this seasonthis would have been an unbelievable season. luck & the establishment against us as usual im afraid

Lets all wish David a speedy recovery - I’m hanging to see him play for Engerland in the WC, just like the last three WC’s where he was shite.

Sorry to hear this news. Beckham always struck me as a thoroughly alright sort and a lad with his head well screwed on. Hope he enjoys his retirement now.

Thinly veiled “Totti is a cunt and lost Roma the scudetto” post from NCC.

:clap: some goal by Seedorf in fairness. Milan should have had it wrapped up before that, but again, missing too many chances. Chievo were dangerous enough too, that header off the crossbar was nearly a carbon copy of Rooneys first goal in the San Siro 3 weeks back. keeps the pressure on Inter anyway and tightens things up at the top.

Beckham is an Alright sort …

[indent][size=“4”]David Beckham stops car for young fan with home-made sign[/size]

David Beckham made one persistent young fan’s day, after the youngster flagged down his car with a home-made ‘stop’ sign.

The footballer, who is currently training with the Spurs squad, pulled over near the north London club’s training ground when he saw the sign, which said: ‘David Beckham, can I have your autograph please.’

And Becks, 35, duly obliged.

It seems Beckham has already made a few fans at Spurs without officially being part of the team.

He was en route to Tottenham’s practice ground in Chigwell at the time where he has been training with the side, but the LA Galaxy star has not yet been given the OK to play competitive matches with Spurs as yet.[/indent]

D-Becks. :clap: