Dead Cat Bounce Dead Cat

A mate of mine is part of a group performing some sort of comedy sketch show in the project arts centre on essex st(behind the Olympia) tonight and tomorrow. If you fancy a laugh come on down. Not sure how much it costs but I’d say it should be worth it.

I like comedy shows so I can go along and be a smart arse.

Juh - you still playing ball tonight yeah?

The Anderton comment might bring on a relapse but I’m up for it.

Here I’m Anderton so you fook off. You can be Ian Wright - shit at football and worse on telly.

Funny stuff Clarkey. Think I’ll head along one of the evenings alright Juhniallio.

Nice Clarkey but you’re sadly mistaken. Wrighty was an Arsenal legend, their top scorer. As for the telly he has produced some of the highlights of tv in the last few years that show he did with overweight kids. A1 footage included him giving ‘the hairdryer’ to a bunch of fatties and him losing it asking a 12 year old what he would do now his wife had left him. Top quality indeed.

Yeah Ian Wright was a decent footballer. Arsenal’s second highest goal scorer after Henry no?

Either way he certainly wasn’t shit

He is indeed the 2nd highest goalscorer for Arsenal. He’s a complete coont of a person though so fook him

You’d want to watch that Flingo or you’ll go the same way as ball-ox

It’ll be all-Wright on the night

See what I did there - right, Wright, all-Wright…

Racism isn’t allowed on this forum Sledgehammer :cool: I got a twofer with the coont remark.

Disappointing attendance tonight. Juhniallio didn’t even bother, think I was the only one there.

Me bollix you made it. I’ve already arranged a posse for tomorrow. If you went, please appraise and offer coroborrative evidence of the price/fare/situations etc.

The price was as expected really: €8. There were €5 concession tickets available but from memory they only applied with valid identification, to Students, Senior Citizens, Equity Members and the Unwaged.

The seating was unreserved so you will choose your seat on the night of the performance. I advise you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time as they are unable to seat patrons once a performance has begun.

The performance itself was fine.

Oh and present your Project Art Centre ticket (evening performances only) at the Fleet Street Car Park and you will qualify for a special fixed price of just €5. Ask at the box office for more information.

I read the title to this old thread and was hoping it was some erudite soul proclaiming that a bank share rally was really a dead cat bounce. It seems however it was merely some crap thread about an inconsequential comedy sketch.