Decent comedies on the tele at the moment

well boys what comedies are ye watching at the moment…normally there are a few hidden gems out there…

some of my favourites at the moment:

peep show:mitchell and webb are legends

the us office: the biggest compliment i can pay it is that it is better than the original

Pulling: anyone else watch this on bbc 3 shane horgan’s sister is in it…bout 3 thirtysomethings like a female version of men behaving badly

scrubs: in the 6th series now(at least i think its the 6th) and is getting a bit stale but is still fairly funny

rescue me: a decent black comedy…im sure a good few of ye have seen it…dennis leary is excellent in it…

and finally evenh though its going the bones of 20 years for me the funniest show on television has to be have i got news for you…possibly not the same since angus deyton left but still makes me roar out laughing…paul merton must have the quickest wit going…

other comedies i dip in and out of include my name is earl and the big bang teory

Agree completely with Have I Got News for You - fantastic show that shows know signs of getting stale. Merton is fantastic. When Boris Johnson guest hosts then it is golden TV.

I was just flicking through the channels last night and it dawned on me how much absolute shite there is on there - comedy wise. I still fall back to the old favourites - Only Fools, The Simspons, Friends, Father Ted, The Office and Fawlty Towers.

Keep meaning to get into the American Office. I like Steve Carrell having seen him in Little Miss Sunshine (fooking fantastic film and fantastic performance by him - should have got the Oscar ahead of the grandfather in it)…

Rescue me is indeed a great show as is the peep show

I am currently downloading the season finale of the Office. Its the best comedy on the television at the moment.

Another recommendation for the US Office here. Superb television. Wasn’t that impressed with last week’s US episode but that’s the first time that’s happened. The only current comedies I really watch are the US Office and Peep Show. Don’t even watch Curb Your Enthusiasm that much anymore, thought it got a small bit stale. IT Crowd is worth a watch too, are they still making it?

There’s loads of great stuff that never quite made the mainstream, shows like Human Remains (cannot recommend it highly enough), Nathan Barley, Nighty Night.

What time and station is my best bet to catch The US Office? I saw a good few on Channel 6 last year and, like plenty of ye, thought they were class. Are you lads following the new series by downloading the episodes or is it being aired over here yet? I absolutely loved The Office and Extras but I haven’t been watching much comedy lately other than a bit of Family Guy. I’ve seen that Pulling show a few times and it gave me a few laughs - never knew yer wan was Horgan’s sister. Jugs and cesc4 watch loads of Scrubs and I think I devoted a whole thread before to how much I hate it.

good man rock…knew i forgot one…the IT crowd is another top notch show…graeme linehan writes and directs it…didnt catch it first time round but got into watching it on more4…

new series of the american office is on channel 6 on tuesdays at 8 o clock…
at least i think its new…i havent seen them before anyway…there is a right good youtube clip of dwight and a spud gun…if anyone has access to it could they put it up…

American Office, brilliant.
You’d have to put Entourage in there too. Classic show that I’d put down as a comedy, per say.
Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a must lads. I know I’ve mentioned it before but if it’s on, watch it. Classic.
Family Guy, yes.
Pulling, good show but never think of it to watch; have to go onto other channels on my sky box, blah blah blah. I didn’t know the Irish bird was Shaggy’s sister either, a loony she is.
Can’t think of any others…

Great finale to the office. I wont ruin it for those who will watch it but a lot of priceless moments involving Michael and Toby who is leaving.

heard a lot of good things about its always sunny in philedelphia…must give it a watch

I’d say that Toby would put his HR training to one side and bate the be-jaysus out of Michael

its the relationship between michael and toby and also characters like angela creed and stanley that make it brilliant and stands it apart from the original…and probably as it is written to be a more of a laugh out loud comedy than the english version…

Watched four series of entourage in the space of about four days, probably my favourite tv at the moment, fantastic show. Johnny Drama is f**king class, as is Ari Gold. Not really watching any other comedies at the moment.

Couldnt be arsed tring to find shows on tv. I generally wait for the dvd or get a torrent if I get the urge. I’m currently watching Hippies. Arthur Matthews project after Ft. Ted finished, I’ll probably look at getting Big Train soon enough, the project Graham Linehan did after Ft. Ted

Think I posted the entire Big Train series on here before Flano if you have a look for it. Must ressurect some of the comedy postings onto TFK Tube.

Just remembered I’d forgotten to recommend The Thick of It on this thread last time around. Undisputed best comedy on television in the last 10 years mo thuaraimse.

Just watching The American Office there.

Michael: ‘Dwight, I’ve been testing you all day and I’m going to promote you from Assistant to the Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager.’

Dwight: ‘Michael, I don’t know what to say.’

Toby: come on michael we all wanna get home…

Michael: you have no-one to go home to toby…

excellent one on the other night(think it could have been on channel 6 where they go on sales calls and dwight ends up quitting…as funny an episode as ive seen…

Rescue Me is my current comedy of choice. Leary is some boyo.