Declan Ganley

Katie Hannon doing a fair hatchet job on this fucker , rte 1 now

He’s a slimey bastard. Swimming in Iraqi blood money.

Disgraceful reporting from the state broadcaster

Joke of a programme, the production reminded me of the episode of the Simpson’s where Homer was accused of sexual harassment, creepy background music, 1980’s footage of limos and briefcases being snapped shut

agree with you there william. some of her questioning was plain silly and just looked as if she had an agenda. also music etc was like something out of brasseye. having said that, the albanian controversy seemed highly controversial though not sure how much part ganley had to play in it.

two trains of thought on this.

  1. rte went out to do a hatchet job and regardless of what he is im not so comfortable with the state broadcaster going in this direction.

  2. Ganley obviously agreed to assist in the programme as he sat down with katie hannon, but he offered no real explainations to his agenda and the questions are not only still hanging over him but there is a whole other pile of shit he must now overcome. He is a very shady character, he is economical with the truth and he missed a chance to set the record straight. (assuming of course it is possible for him to do so)

When they did the interview with Ganley, the lighting was a disgrace. Half his face was in light and half in the dark, made him look like something evil out of a Batman movie or something.

It was a disgrace alright.

I’d give Hannon one though.

A very poor stitch up, light on facts. New edition of Village magazine has an ad for a 10k reward to anyone who can shed light on the source of Libertas’ (is that right apostrophe police?) funding.

Lots of people gunning for him at this stage but no punch landed yet.

From todays times

Ganley fails to provide clarity on Libertas loan

COLM KEENA, Public Affairs Correspondent

THE ANTI-LISBON Treaty campaigner Declan Ganley has not responded to a request for information from the Standards in Public Office Commission in relation to a loan he has said he gave to Libertas during the recent referendum.

Correspondence between the commission and Mr Ganley over the past number of months, seen by The Irish Times, shows that the commission has queried Mr Ganley and Libertas about a number of issues.

Libertas is estimated to have spent in excess of 1 million in its high-profile campaign against the treaty. Mr Ganley has said the money came from donations from the public since January 1st, 2008, all of them less than 6,348.69, and all from Irish citizens or Irish companies. He has also said he made a personal loan of 200,000 available to the campaign, and that other loans from other unnamed parties were also used.

In a letter dated August 22nd, the commission sought a copy of the legal agreement and repayment plan for the loan Mr Ganley has said he made to Libertas. On September 23rd it repeated the request and added: "In addition to that information it would also be appreciated if you could provide the following information.

"Please state if any loans were provided to Libertas in relation to its referendum campaign by a financial institution. If loans were provided please state whether such loans were subject to the terms and conditions that are normally imposed by a financial institution and that the provision of such loans did not constitute a donation to Libertas.

“Please provide details of any other loans provided to Libertas in relation to its referendum campaign by individuals or bodies which were not financial institutions.” The commission on September 11th wrote to Mr Ganley seeking details concerning Rivada Networks employees who worked on the Libertas campaign. Rivada Networks is the Irish subsidiary of a US company that supplies communications infrastructure to the US military and others. Employees of the Irish subsidiary were signatories of the document that established Libertas.

In the course of the referendum campaign, Libertas activist Naoise Nunn told The Irish Times he was an employee of Rivada who did work for Libertas at the direction of Mr Ganley. Mr Ganley has told the commission that the employees of Rivada who worked on the Libertas campaign did so in a voluntary capacity.

On October 15th, Mr Ganley was asked to reply to the various requests for information that had been sent to him in the period since August 22nd, and to do so within 14 days. The commission said it was preparing a report for the Oireachtas which would include details of the inquiries it has made concerning the funding of Libertas.

Mr Ganley has not as yet responded to this, but a solicitor has on his behalf written to the commission late this week complaining about correspondence with the commission being released into the public domain. The correspondence was released in the wake of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Mr Nunn was the “responsible person” in Libertas in relation to the entity’s obligations to the commission. He informed the commission in September that he had resigned from Libertas on the 19th of that month.

In a letter to the commission on July 7th, Mr Ganley said that “under the definitions of the elector acts, Rivada Networks Ltd made no donations to Libertas”.

He also said his loan to Libertas “involved a detailed legal agreement with a repayment plan in accordance with commercial lending norms and signed in accordance with the relevant section of the electoral acts”.

Libertas did not wish to comment when contacted yesterday.

Would it still be outrageous to suggest that these guys might be hiding something?

well considering that most of our elected officials and high ranking public servants are not forthcoming about their finances and their disposal of such why should the pressure be on a private citizen ?

Does anyone honestly believe that there would be such a witchhunt if Ganley had donated money to the pro-lisbon campaign?

Definitely not. The danger is though that this guy may be funded by people who not only do not have the best interests of the Irish people at heart, but in fact are using the Lisbon referendum to strike a blow against the EU as part of a much bigger game. Its not as if the americans in particular don’t have a history of it.

and the poeple who funded ahern, lawlor, flynn, burke, lowry et al did ?

I doubt they had any geopolitical aspirations.

don’t avoid the qusetion

you are questioning the funding of a non elected person at the prompting of politicians who have several large question marks over their own finances but choosing to ignore that

[quote=“artfoley”]don’t avoid the qusetion

you are questioning the funding of a non elected person at the prompting of politicians who have several large question marks over their own finances but choosing to ignore that[/quote]

Jesus Art don’t be making me out to be some sort of fianna fail apologist, I’m nothing of the sort. I just don’t like the idea of Irish opinion being manipulated from overseas. Internal corruption in this country is well documented and it has been tackled by people taking precisely the opposite attitude to what you suggesting we adopt for Libertas. Maybe you should ask Ganley why he’s avoiding the question.

at the last electon anto o reilly told all his lap dogs to be pro Bertie after he went to meet him,sure enough the sindo & all the other right wing pan unionist newspapers got behind FF

this wasnt about whats best for ireland but whats best for them- this shit happens all the time over here-

for a whole year the sindo was running headlines about the problems of stamp duty & soon enough it was on the political agenda- it turns out that anguish fanning was trying to sell his house & buy a new one - this shit is typical of the irish media

if the pro lisbon parties thinking stopping ganly will mean getting people to vote for lisbon they are doing us a disservice- there are many reasons why we didnt vote for lisbon & focussing just on him shows how blinkered they are

Nail on head.