Denmark-Sweden: Abandoned After Fan Tries to Attack The Ref!

Always thought Poulsen was one of the dirtiest players in the world. Check out what he does here and then the nutter runs on to try clock the ref but misses him. Denmark were 3-0 down, got it back to 3-3 and then this happened just as Sweden were about to take the penalty in the last minute after Poulsen was dismissed.

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What about Rovers fans??? ;D

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I can imagine the brainless slagging that is taking place across Ireland today after that proclemation. Liverpool “fans” taking grief from United “fans” and so on for issues completely out side their control. Pathetic.

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Rick Parry who is the Chief Executive of Liverpool isn’t happy with the stinging criticism of their fans behaviour in Milan. Problem with Parry’s defence though is that problems in Athens were not isolated incidents. English fans behaviour has been appalling this year in particular. Liverpool fans behaviour could have caused horriffic consequences at the final. A video therock67 posted where the fans ran through check points without tickets was shocking to watch. At the very least their away supporters should be banned for some time. I suppose UEFA will be accused of being anti the EPL by the usual suspects on this board. Following article is from the BBC
Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry has hit back over Uefa’s criticism of the club’s fans at the Champions League final in Greece last month.
A damning report by European football’s governing body says Liverpool fans are the worst-behaved in Europe.

But a statement from Parry said: "The shortcomings in the management of the situation in Athens were apparent to anyone who was there.
“These latest comments from Uefa should not deflect attention from that.”

Interview: Uefa spokesman William Gaillard

Ticketless fans caused trouble at May’s Champions League final, although Liverpool officials and fans criticised security at the game.

Uefa says Reds fans have been involved in more incidents in Europe during the past four years than any other club.

Spokesman William Gaillard said: “That was just the latest example. What other fans steal tickets from fellow fans or from the hands of children?”

But Parry added: "What is most surprising about the latest comments from Mr Gaillard is that on the eve of the final, he quite rightly commented that Liverpool supporters ‘have a tradition of good behaviour’.

You must ask yourself why at the Champions League, with the same conditions, there was no trouble with the Milan fans - only the Liverpool fans

Uefa spokesman William Gaillard
"Let’s not forget that these same supporters who Mr Gaillard is claiming are now the worst in Europe were praised by Uefa President Michel Platini after our semi-final victory against Chelsea only last month.

“They were commended for their behaviour in Istanbul in 2005 and actually honoured by Uefa at a gala dinner in Monte Carlo in 2001 as joint Supporters of the Years with Alves after the Uefa Cup final.”

Uefa’s report will be handed to Sports Minister Richard Caborn on Tuesday.

In it, Uefa paints a damning picture of the Anfield club’s supporters’ behaviour at the Champions League final against AC Milan in Athens, which the Italian side won 2-1.

Gaillard added: "We know what happened in Athens, and Liverpool fans were the cause of most of the trouble there.

“There have been 25 incidents involving Liverpool fans away from home since 2003 and these are in the report - most teams’ supporters do not cause any trouble at all.”

Liverpool have sent their own report to Uefa complaining about lax security measures at the final.

Many supporters with forged tickets or no tickets at all managed to gain access to the stadium.

That led to fans with legitimate tickets being denied entry to the ground.

Disorder broke out before kick-off when fans were held back because of congestion outside the ground.

Police told fans going through the penultimate checkpoint to slow down or even stop moving, then riot police formed a line to stop other fans joining queues to move through the checkpoint.

Former Conservative leader and Liverpool fan Michael Howard was at the game and said ticket checks at the stadium were “a joke”.

How can Uefa choose a football ground without a turnstile - just a metal gate that opens - its just not football is it?"

Liverpool fanzine editor Andy Knott
Fans were already aggrieved over Uefa’s ticket allocation for the Champions League final, with the governing body making 17,000 tickets available to each club for a stadium that had a capacity of 63,000.

Of those tickets, Liverpool were able to make just 11,000 available to fans because of obligations to sponsors and former players.

But Gaillard said: “You must ask yourself why at the same match, with the same conditions, there was no trouble with the Milan fans - only the Liverpool fans.”

But the city of Liverpool hit back at Uefa’s criticism.

Lord Mayor Paul Clark was quoted in the Liverpool Daily Post as saying: “Uefa appear to be trying to avoid the blame for the disorganisation of the final.”

Les Lawson, spokesman for the official LFC supporters’ club, said: "This is typical of Uefa. Rather than look at their own shortcomings, they want to shove the blame somewhere else.

“The fact they are not willing to stand up and take responsibility is worrying for fans, because that means they will never learn from their mistakes.”

Council leader Warren Bradley said: "Uefa is dragging Liverpool’s name through the mud to deflect attention from themselves.

"There should be a full and appropriate investigation. There is very little information about what actually went wrong.

“It was only a small minority who caused problems but the people at the top of Uefa think they have the divine right to criticise people.”

Phil Hammond, of the Hillsborough Justice Support Group, added: “We condemn the behaviour of some fans, but it was not helped by the way the police acted, they made it worse. Uefa are not justified in making these comments.”

Andy Knott from the Liverpool fanzine Red All Over told BBC Radio Five Live that both the fans and the authorities were to blame for what happened in Europe this season.

He said: "It’s a culmination of everything. The Liverpool fans weren’t innocent and a lot of them have got to have a look at themselves and take that into account.

"But at the same time Uefa have got to look at it and instead of trying to give token games to people with big stadiums, they’ve got to do it in a proper way.

“I mean how you can have a football ground without a turnstile - where it’s just a metal gate that opens and you walk through - its just not football is it?”

Ahead of the final in Athens, Uefa president Michel Platini said: "I am convinced that both Liverpool and Milan fans will contribute to making the Athens final a landmark in festive behaviour.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and praise the fans who have attended the semi-finals for creating such a wonderful atmosphere at the matches.

“They have contributed in a positive manner to making the semi-finals such an exciting spectacle.”

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From The Guardian:


“Lift! Sweep-sweep-sweep! Lift! Sweep-sweep-sweep!” That’s the sound
of Liverpool FC and its fans using big bristly yard brushes to sweep
the bad behaviour of their supporters in Athens on Big Cup final
night under the carpet. “Lift! Sweep-sweep-sweep! Lift!
Sweep-sweep-sweep!” And that’s the sound of the cleaner at Uefa HQ
who’s just been told to sweep the bout of bureaucratic bungling that
encouraged this tomfoolery under the carpet.

“Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!” That’s the sound of
the Fiver’s dealer advertising his wares on the street corner outside
Fiver Towers. It’s also the sound of the Fiver banging Scouse and
Uefa heads together in a futile bid to knock some sense into both
parties and make them accept that they’re both to blame for the
shenanigans that led to Liverpool’s fans being branded “the worst in
Europe” by Uefa’s director of communications, William Gaillard.

“What other set of fans steal tickets from their fellow supporters or
out of the hands of children?” he wailed. “We know who caused most of
the problems in Athens.” Monsieur Gaillard’s outburst prompted a
predictable level of whining on Merseyside that was so high-pitched
only dogs with particularly good hearing could make it out it.
Luckily, the Fiver’s highly literate pooch Despond was able to
translate and, for an extra bowl of Winalot and a 10-minute scratch
of his flea-infested tum-tum, was happy to tell us what Liverpool
chief executive Rick Parry had to say.

“The shortcomings in the management of the situation in Athens were
apparent to anyone who was there,” aye-ayed Parry shrilly, neglecting
to mention that the shortcomings in question were particularly
apparent to (a) the thousands of ticketless supporters who took full
advantage of them by storming the gates of the stadium and risking a
repeat of the Hillsborough disaster and (:slight_smile: the thousands of
ticket-bearing fans who were locked outside by security staff who
were, presumably, trying to prevent a repeat of the Hillsborough

Liverpool FC supporters’ club spokesman Les Lawson was equally miffed.
“This is typical of Uefa,” he fumed. “Rather than look at their own
shortcomings they want to shove the blame somewhere else.” Although
Les is correct … up to a point, his attitude is typical of
Liverpool fans. Rather than look at their own shortcomings they want
to shove the blame somewhere else.

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I fail to see how anyone could blame anyone but the supporters for these incidents.


Ban them again.

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i better not see him at that carry on in Pairc Sean on the 24th

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Very imprortant Uefa don’t go soft on Liverpool. If severe punishment isn’t given out it sets a bad precident. Does anyone know when a decision with regard to an appropriate punishment is likely to be made?

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We have both been accused of being sectarian and having a hatred for england in the past raven. They were pathetic arguments then. The silence of certain members is deafening indeed.

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Liverpool Echo goes on the offensive:

Jun 4 2007

Voice of the ECHO

LIVERPOOL’S fans today stand accused of being the worst behaved in all of Europe.

It is an accusation without basis in fact and is given life by the weasel words of a maverick Uefa executive with an agenda against English football.

William Gaillard is supposed to be a Uefa spokesman. His job is to articulate the policies and thoughts of his bosses at European football’s governing body.

Is he doing this now or is he spouting personal opinion and slinging mud?

But ever since the organisation of the Champions League final proved to be the shambles which so many inside football feared and indeed predicted, this is exactly what Gaillard has done.

Today, Liverpool fans find themselves in the firing line simply because so many of them either witnessed or fell victim to the chaotic organisation of the Athens final.

Gaillard knows the truth and as such he is frantically creating smokescreens to mask Uefa’s pathetic shortcomings and attempting to shift the blame.

There are, of course, those Liverpool supporters who brought nothing but shame on themselves, their club and their city in Athens.

All those who bunked into the stadium, knowingly used forged tickets or stole tickets from fellow fans are culpable for what went wrong that night.

Their actions are indefensible and the ECHO and Liverpool FC condemn those responsible.

But they were in the minority.

There was no mass outbreak of disorder and in total there were just seven arrests out of the estimated 40,000 Liverpool fans in Athens.

And those who did make it into the stadium deserve praise for the way they accepted defeat and the sporting manner in which they greeted AC Milan’s victory.

Despite this, they are today having to fend off accusations that they are Europe’s worst.

When you consider some of the outrageous and downright evil incidents committed by hooligans throughout Europe in recent years, you realise quite how ridiculous Gaillard’s position really is.

On February 2 a police officer was killed in Sicily when fans rioted during a derby match between Catania and Palermo.

On November 24, 2006, a French police officer shot dead a Paris-Saint Germain football fan after being turned on by a mob during racist violence that followed the team’s defeat by Israeli side Hapoel Tel-Aviv.

On Saturday night a referee was attacked on the pitch during an international match between Sweden and Denmark. The game had to be abandoned.

On September 15, 2004, Anders Frisk was forced to abandon the Champions League match between AS Roma and Dinamo Kiev after he was felled by a lighter thrown from the stands.

On April 4 this year 12 Manchester United fans ended up in hospital after Italian Ultra hooligans ran riot around the Roma v United Champions League quarter final.

Do incidents like these not pose a far greater threat to the very fabric of the game than those fans who Gaillard claims stole banners from the Olympic Stadium in Athens?

Is Galliard suggesting that the snatching of tickets, although morally reprehensible and clearly criminal, is in anyway near the same league as riots resulting in death?

Tomorrow, Gaillard says Uefa will present a dossier to sports minister Richard Caborn which details 25 incidents of disorder over the last four years involving Liverpool fans.

Today Mr Caborn has told the ECHO he expects to give the report short shrift.

It is interesting that somebody chose to leak the story bereft of any detail whatsoever to the international news agency Reuters three days before it was due to be published.

Twenty-five incidents? What incidents? Give us the details and let us assess it against the excesses of Europes real thugs the ones Uefa continually fail to address.

Cynics could argue, with some justification, that Uefa was behind the leak at a time when it is under threat of legal action from furious fans, many with tasty bank balances and even tastier contacts, who failed to get into the Athens final, despite having tickets.

It could also be seen as a smokescreen while Uefa are under fire over the final arrangements.

Gaillard would have been wise to keep his opinions to himself until these allegations are made public. He leaves himself accused of self-serving spin and a flat-out agenda against English football.

No wonder many Liverpool fans and a good deal of Everton supporters who flooded phone-ins yesterday in support of the Reds fans are today suggesting Gaillard is merely trying to get Uefa off the hook.

We ask why Uefa isnt getting tough on the massive hooligan problem in Italy, or the sickening and overt displays of racism.

Uefa is an organisation which has failed to get its own house in order and yet its glorified press officer takes the moral high ground, instead of ordering a full inquiry into Athens.

In the absence of an inquiry we have the one-eyed findings of the Lord High Executioner himself, William Gaillard.

The man is out of control and out of excuses. This is the man who, pre-Athens, told the ECHO the stadium was unsuitable and after the shambles told the BBC it was perfectly suitable.

Just two years ago, the Liverpool supporters won international acclaim for their exemplary behaviour in Istanbul when not a single Reds fan was arrested.

Four years before that, they won a special Uefa award for their outstanding behaviour during the Uefa Cup final in Dortmund.

Are we to believe that in the intervening years, they have gone from award winners to the being the worst behaved in all of Europe?

Disturbingly, there are those within the English game who believe Gaillard has an agenda against English clubs and that he will actually go out of his way to cause trouble for them.

Whatever his motives, it is clear that Galliard is unfit for the office he currently occupies.

His slurs on Liverpool FC and its fans are a disgrace to both himself and Uefa and he should apologise and resign immediately.

It is the unwritten law of public relations that when a spokesman becomes the story it is time for him to go.

He should quit.

And if his once-lauded boss Michel Platini wont sack him, it means he supports him. So he should quit too.

Some amount of crap in there in particular:

  • laughably accusing UEFA of bias and “personal opinion” while labelling those opinions “weasel words”. What utter hypocrisy
  • comparing the throwing of a coin at a referee to hundreds of extra spectators charging into the stadium without tickets. The danger wasn’t caused by the “snatching” of tickets - it was caused by the stampede.
  • Mr Carborn “expects” to react to the report in a certain way already.

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That article probably has more to do with ‘The Echo’s’ protection of its market share in Lancarshire rather than anything else. It gives two lines in condemnation of the appalling scenes we saw on the youtube clip therock67 posted last week. That says it all really.

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I agree that there is some crap there but there is also a good point. How can an organisation go from praising Liverpool fans before the final to saying that they are the worst in Europe after one game? I haven’t seen it yet but aparrantly Platini praised Liv fans after the Chelsea game and now they are suddenly the worst in Europe. To say they are the worst in Europe after one game is just plain silly.

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i dont know, you seem to be the expert of heysel. You certainly mention it enough