Have we had this thread before?

Could any of you gents recommend a decent one?

Sure roll-on

It won’t let you down

I’m a Lynx loyalist, maybe I should broaden my horizons.

Can we also marry in aftershave in this thread? My Hugo Boss concoction is running low and I would like to sample a new fragrance.

I would recommend the below to replace your Hugo Boss

How much does this retail at Mac?

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Roll on is the job

Used to work with a lad from Cork who didn’t wear deoderant. Smelly fucker, so he was. People from Cork are dreadful altogether.

I find Lynx really gets up my nose in a literal way. I’d be tasting it in my mouth after it and everything (and I don’t spray it in my face).
I’d be light enough on the deodorant and have a good dash of aftershave.

This is you’re only man. Its the business, but don’t throw on a good shirt straight away as it’ll mark it. Apply it and swan around for a while until it had dried in.


Has totally changed my life…

The only job

How much does this retail at lads?

Around €4 i’d say, it’s very sensibly priced.

I’ve never bought from this site but it’ll give you an indication.

I will keep an eye out for this.

Lads, do ye now buy your aftershave in stores or get it online. I’m sad to say I usually purchase aftershave online with Amazon nowadays.

If you’re buying the Gillette, buy a few of them as they’re tough enough to source and sell very well. I buy them in bulk. I’d be very reliant on it at this stage as it beats anything else I’ve ever tried.

Is this Gillette Cool Wave a roll on? Are we happy with it gents? Gotta say, I can’t be having Lynx or Sure - but I’m in the market for something that will be a loyal companion for many years to come. I really want to get this bedded down.

For aftershave, I have no complaints with 212 Men by Carolina Herrera.

It’s a roll on Bandage and you should get good mileage out of it. It’s real value for money, and you’ll smell great with it too.

The Gillette is a roll-on gel. But it takes a minute or two to dry in. On holidays in Egypt I brought one for my armpits and one for my balls. Made the holiday far more comfortable in the 40 degree heat.

Did you carry around with you then as well in case you needed a top up or refresher?