Dickheads That Go Snorkeling

What gives with these fucking misfits?

Why would anyone want to go around under water with a tank on your back?



That’s scuba diving

I’d be more concerned that you know people who go snorkelling, mate. Nobody i know or associate with would dream of going snorkelling.

Don’t think you wear a tank when snorkelling mate

Have you a thing against muff diving as well?


Oh right.

I don’t mate. I just got thinking about it for no particular reason and a wave of absolute anger and pure seethingness came over me.


Snorkellers generally don’t wear tanks…

Anyway, what’s your issue with it?

Is it something you tried, couldnt fit in the wet suit, and are now lashing out?

What’s the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?

A few hundred euro


Scuba Diving


One is diving deep in the water and staying there exploring it while the other is just floating near the surface looking at the pretty fishies

Mac obviously trying to make a case for scuba diving here.

Not at all, am impartial to either activity in that I’ve no interest in either.

I’ve done both, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


I’ve also done both. Meh.

A whale like Dunph doesn’t need to waste money on water pursuits.

So I was right. The two activities are retarded.

Why the fuck would any sane person want to float around in the water like a dickhead or be weighed down under the water with a tank like a dickhead?

Deary me.

It depends where you do it. I did it in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Unreal.